///VELYEN Electromechanical 2-Post Lift Baseless 3,5 T Electronic Synchronization

VELYEN Electromechanical 2-Post Lift Baseless 3,5 T Electronic Synchronization




Technical Specifications

“Plug&Play” electrical wire connections between columns are now by quick connector, for faster installation.
New model follows HEALTH & SAFETY EXECUTIVE regarding arm locking system requirements.
Diagnosis system SCS (alerts for maintenance, programming heights and component failures)
Fitted Grease nipple: Now added to the base of the bearing spindle to minimize friction and noise.
New Radial locking system maximum 35KN: Carriage & components manufactured in F114 strong steel for minimum wear,
Load Nut wear indicator: Maximum wear by indicators utilising simple colour ID.
Adjustable height lifting pads as standard. Our lifting pad threads are “Rolled thread” exactly like the screws, gives maximum performance and longer wear life.
New, stronger Arm locking system, more robustly designed and manufactured.
Complies fully with the lateral force test conducted by the Health & Safety executive and the GEA.
Locking system includes a smaller tooth pitch on the locks with the locking pins themselves manufactured from 22mm diameter steel (Steel F114).
All welds are now perfect and completed by automatic welding robot.
Lifting Pads of Patented VULKOLLAN. Diameter 120 mm. Gives more accuracy, lower friction and better wear pattern.

Optional Anchor bolts M20 x 170 (10 units) for 4EC1800
Reference: 003633
Price: £145

Distance between columns 2 795 mm
Loading capacity 3 500 kg
Minimum lifting height 95 mm
Maximum lifting height 2 000 mm
Lifting time 45 secondes
Length arms (min/max) 620 – 1 240 mm / 825 – 1 440 mm
Overall width 3 490 mm
Column height + grommet height 4 040 mm
Motor Three-phase 230/400 V 50/60 Hz 2 x 2.4 KW
Reference 4EC1800