Ultrasonic Nebuliser


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Atom Machine Ultrasonic Nebuliser

Ultrasonic Nebuliser with 24 Bottles (200ml) of cleaning solution.

The ATOM MACHINE is a powerful electronic ultrasonic nebuliser designed to atomise the specially
formulated Atom sanitising liquid, the resulting fine vapours (less than 5u) are distributed by the vehicles
A/C System to sanitise and deodorise the cabin and A/C System.

The Atom Machine is supplied with 24 bottles of 200ml Atom Sanitising Treatments.

The Atom system provides an effective yet economical sanitising and
deodorising solution.

Power supply: 220V – 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature: 0°C-60°C
Nebulisation rate: ≈ 390 ml /h

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