///Truck 3D Wheel Aligner

Truck 3D Wheel Aligner


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2 in stock


Welcome to the Future in Multi-axle Alignment, Measure all 5 axles under 3 min

  • World’s 1st 3D Wheel Aligner for Multi-Axle Trucks, Buses & Trailers.
  • One shot Runout compensation of all 5 axles.
  • One shot Caster swing for twin steer axles.
  • Innovative Image Processing technology.
  • No Electronics on Wheels.
  • Mobile stands for storing Wheel brackets & Targets.
  • Extra monitor provided to view screen underneath from the PIT.
  • Smart control using Wi-Fi enabled tablet & Mobile device to display alignment results and to operate the PC from Alignment bay, Avoids multiple trips to PC console.
  • Ideal for all workshops, tyre shops & OEM end of line requirements.