//Test Lane 2 Plate Brake Toe and Suspension tester

Test Lane 2 Plate Brake Toe and Suspension tester


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HEKA plate brake tester UNIVERS “TX”

Height 4-cm above floor, for easy mounting on the floor!

Brakes + suspension + toe + PC wire connection

Approved by the German technical inspection authorities (TÜV)
Includes future-proof cabling to your PC system,
from Windows PC 98..XP..Vista, Windows 7
Your computer screen serves as a clearly arranged display to show the results in colour

Results of brake diagnosis in numbers and bar graphic:
green = OK, yellow = medium, red = not OK (defective)
Results of shock absorber diagnosis in numbers and curve graphics in colour.
Toe testing results in 1/10 millimeters with tolerance analysis for front and rear axle.

Assistant 7.2 program-CD for the printout of all testing results.

Large-scale digital-display 16:9 with traffic light, multi-functional presentation
Display period for results individually adjustable.

Radio remote control to manage the testing procedures:
Left button = save / right button = print

Simplest operation, fully automatic, fastest diagnosing in just 30 seconds.

High-speed sensors with high resolution for the brake and shock absorber analysis
Especially suitable for 4-wheel drive and low-chassis cars of an axle load up to 5 tons.

Very flat, height only 4 centimetres above floor, plate construction, fits in every
garage entrance for acceptance of customers or as drive-through.
Cars can drive over the solid floor elements also from the side.
35 years of HEKA testing lanes with more than 5.960 customers in Germany!

is the contemporary product for today’s and tomorrow’s service market


  • 2 testing segments, brake + suspension, height above floor 4 cm.
  • 2 testing segments, toe flexible and fixed, 5-ton axle load.
  • Includes up- and down-ramps, also suitable for subfloor installation (see image).
  • Large attractive digital display 16:9 ,  H 360 x  W 800 mm
  • E-Box 3001, electronic control with PC connection.
  • Wireless dual channel (radio) remote control
  • Assistant 7.2 program-CD for all computers from Windows PC 98..XP..Vista.
  • Installation kit with ready-to-plug cabling.

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