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The PCL Nitrogen ( N2 ) generator / inflator incorporates the ability to preset the tyre pressure, in ll 4 tryes at once, allowing the operator to automatically inflate tyres to the lvel requird. It is so reliable and accurate that it enables the operator to securely continue with alternative work while the unit is inflating the tyres with Nitrogen saving time and money.

Cars using Nitrogen instead of air generate less heat in the tryes this reducing wear, there is no moisture present in the tyre and leakage is also reduced to almost 0. Long used in high speed car racing it has long been accecpted that using Nitrogen instaed of air is a much better and safer option.

With the PCL Nitrogen generator / inflator changeing a car from air to nitrogen is a simple automatic labour free process because the unit will remove the air from the 4  tyres and re inflate the tyres with generate Nitrogen. Simply connect the 4 tyres at one select th inflation pressure and start.

In short the PCL Nitrogen generator/inflator provides cost effective and flexible revenue generating opportunities for tyre service providers. 

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