Oil Spill Rolling Pack


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Oil Spill Pelican Roling Pack.

Eco friendly and cost effictive way to remove spills from your workshop or forecout.

1. 8 Times more efficient. Fibercan absorbers 8 times more than conventional absorbent materials, Instantaneous absorbent, no more oily film, safe and dry floors. Upon saturtion, the absorbent powder combines to form lumps.

2. ECO – FRIENDLY   Recyclelable and Reusable. A natural, cotton fibre based absorbent material. Renewable and biodegradeable. Produces 8 time less waste. Caprtures  hydrocarbons and prevents infiltration into the ground.

3. MONEY SAVER. Stop Waste. High efficiency managemant of consumables, a product used to 100% of it’s capacity, thanks to the sifter.

4. EASY TO USE. Quick and Easy. Ultra mobile for emergency use. All in one system, storage, distribution and recovery of Fibercan. Rolling Pack provides all the tools you need for efficent recovery.

The Rolling Pack is supplied fully equipped  with Brush, Shovel, Soop, Sifter, Hermatically – sealed cover for external storage  and 25litre pack of Fibercan.

Download the Pelican Rolling Pack.pdf         Download Pelican Rolling Pack info sheet  .pdf

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