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The g-meter+ is designed for statutory annual MOT brake performance testing of class III, IV, V, VI & VII vehicles in accordance with the Motor (Tests)  Regulations 1981,  as amended. It can  also  be used for statutory MOT brake performance testing of Heavy Goods Vehicles  in accordance with the Goods Vehicles  (Plating  and  Testing) Regulations 1988,  as amended.
The test  reading is shown on a bright LED display  as Brake Efficiency in percent or the deceleration in metres per second per second.
The electronic deceleration sensor used in g-meter+ gives  it a number of advantages over older  electronic devices and mechanical pendulums, namely:
• It is self-aligning and  will automatically sense the direction of travel. Precise alignment of the instrument with the direction is, therefore, not necessary.
• Its memory can  record 3 sets of test results; for example, for main,  secondary and  parking brake tests. These are retained even  if the instrument is switched off.
• It has  an internal  clock to accurately record the time and  date  of each test.
• It measures the peak deceleration, mean deceleration and  stopping time and  then calculates speed and  stopping distance.
• It determines any left-right pull sensed during  the brake test.

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