//, R134A A/C Equipment/Dual Refrigeriant Unit – BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL

Dual Refrigeriant Unit – BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL

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Fully automatic Dual-Gas station for recovering, recycling, and recharging R134a and HFO1234yf refrigerants
➜ Designed to comply with the PSA Specification
➜ SW able to store the service data for 2 years
➜ High precision vacuum sensor (vacuum degree < 5 mbar)
➜ Automatic leak check during the vacuum step
➜ Protection against cross contamination thanks to separate circuits for the 2 gases
➜ 2 hermetic compressors + 2 filter system high capacity (112gr H2O)
➜ 2 tanks with 2 electronic scales + 2 automatic heating belt
➜ 4 large pressure gauges (ø 100mm) and 2 pairs of service hoses
➜ Oil containers with large capacity
➜ High Precision technology with more than 98% of the recovered refrigerant from an A/C system and ± 25g precision. Charging precision is ± 25g
➜ Automatic discharge of non-condensable gases
➜ Automatic service taps with service hose compensation on the filling process
➜ Simple filter replacement with procedure explained step by step on the display

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