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BrakeSafe Portable Brake with Printer
•  Measures and prin Mean Fully Develo Deceleration (MFD)
•  Auto-aligns with direction of travel
•  Pass and fail warning  lights
•  Measures in-line deceleration and sideways pull
• Suitable for all HGV’s, car and PSV’s
BrakeSafe is easy to use and in the vehicle. It is self levelling itself with the direction of trave connections need to be made
the instrument can be used to measure and record the force applied to the brake pedal, in this case a transducer is attached to the pedal. This also allows the delay time of the braking system to be determined.
To meet the latest EU and United Nations World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, BrakeSafe directly records and prints the Mean Fully Developed Deceleration. This is the mean deceleration recorded between 80% and
10% of the test speed.
All tests are annotated with the time and date, vehicle identity,  test conditions  and type of brake tested. The instrument  can be pre-loaded  with  99 vehicle names,
70 trailers, 16 test conditions, 4 brake types and 8 examiner names. Each name can also be edited via the instrument’s single click control.
BrakeSafe has bright  sunlight readable Pass and Fail lights which correspond to user defined pass thresholds. Individual  thresholds  can be set for  each of the four brake types.
The backlit  graphical display allows the user to review the deceleration, speed, and distance versus time graphs without printing.
BrakeSafe can also be used to measure and record the acceleration profile of the vehicle and produce a graph of how  it accelerates,  and the time  taken to  reach a given speed.
There is also an HGV trailer testing mode that may be used to determine HGV trailer brake efficiency.
BrakeSafe has a multipoint UKAS accredited calibration and is CE marked and RoHs compliant.
BrakeSafe is designed, developed and manufactured by Turnkey. As such, we can provide the best after sales and technical support to our customers. Its design has evolved over many years in response to customer feedback and, as a result, we believe BrakeSafe is simply the best brake tester available today, anywhere.

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