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BrainBee Air Con Data Solution.

The system comprises of:

– to be installed on the operator PC.
This software is optimized for the automatic management of data from the CLIMA recharge stations by Brain Bee, indeed it can also be used in the manual mode in case of stations of other manufacturers, to support the garage operators in the correct keeping of the annual register of fluorinated gases, a compulsory task for garages of several European countries pursuant to European Regulation 842/2006.

MOBILE STORAGE DEVICE – to download the memory data relating to services from a Brain Bee A/C Recharge Station (CLIMA range) and transfer them to a PC to update the software


The update of the database and of the software of the BRAIN BEE CLIMA Recharge Stations has never been so easy!

A web connection is all that is required: CLIMA SOLUTION automatically searches for any update which is hence downloaded on the ACU mobile key.
When the key is fitted into the Recharge Station updates are executed and installed on the tool.

It is conceived to favor a rational management and to be a useful support for a cost/effective management of the A/C recharge activity of garages. The management software offers several support activities:

> Automatic import of memory data from Brain Bee CLIMA stations and storage

> Consultation and recovery of saved records, for comparison or historical memory purposes

> Simultaneous management of several BRAIN BEEN CLIMA service stations for a centralized management of all operations concerning the A/C recharge Service

> Manual entry of other operations carried out with other A/C service stations (other than Brain Bee ones)

> Printing of reports on the recharge activity (to evidence and stress the value of the carried out service as well as the amount of recharged refrigerant to the customer)

> Management of the fluorinated gases report by comparing the amounts of purchased or sold gases and the automatic management of gas handled for the activity of the Clima Recharge Station

> Printing of the annual balance for every gas, pursuant to Regulation 842/2006

 BrainBee Clima data solution – Click to download pdf

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