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SR500 Parts Washer. – Solvent Free.

When innovation is important.


Our parts washers use an aqueous based solution. They are designed to clean parts (including plastic-made one)
without solvent. They advantageously replace solvent parts washers generally used to clean metallic parts. They
don’t require any governmental authorization.

The 4 foundations of the cleaning and degreasing actions are:

  1.  Chemical action : the soap
  2.  Thermal action : the bath heated at 37°
  3.  Mechanical action : the brush
  4.  Time action : the soaking

Unlike solvent parts washers, this process provides an economic, efficient and safe cleaning solution. It is
environment friendly, as it neither uses any toxic product nor releases any VOC.
The regenerating action (bioremediation) is the combination of micro-organisms, bath oxygenation, and
temperature. By this process, the hydrocarbons are decomposed, keeping the bath clean and ungreasy.


The machines bodies are mostly composed of high density polyethylene. The tanks contain about 80 to 100 liters of Bio Liquid.
A pump propels the degreasing solution into the flexible spigot and/or into the brush. Spigot’s and brush’s flow are adjustable. The degreasing Bio Liquid runs through the brush, but also around the brush, to prevent thick greases from sticking to it (multi-jets flow brush).
The sinks/tanks are designed to soak large and heavy parts. Accumulated oils are degraded by micro-organisms in the machine tank.

Our parts washers are equipped with a double filtration system:

  1.  A pre-filter situated in the sink to hold the thickest elements.
  2.  A cartridge filter at the rear of the parts washer. This filter captures the finest particles (5O μ). It is washable and re-usable.     Therefore there is no consumable filter on this equipment

Thanks to the filtering system and the micro-organisms action the solution is regenerating for a repeated use and
keeps the same degreasing efficiency for more than a year.
Our parts washers are equipped with a low level sensor and a thermo controlled heater that regulates the bath at
roughly 37°. They are also equipped with an air pump and a regulated heater in order to oxygenate and heat the
bath, so the micro-organisms can efficiently degrade hydrocarbons.
Furthermore, most of our solutions are equipped with an all-in-one electromechanical kit that can easily be changed
(pump, low level sensor, heater, thermostat …), really simplifying maintenance operations if needed.

Cleans your parts without solvent while respecting the operator and the environment.
The biological Parts Washer uses natural regeneration to insure an efficient and
economical degreasing of parts.

The Parts washer comes complete with 12 months supply of all you need to clean parts every day. 100 litres if Bio Liquid and 12 Bio Tabs
• BIOLOGICA L PART S WASHER : The Parts washer heats and regulates the liquid up to 38°C, which optimizes both cleaning and biodegradation. It is equipped with several cleaning possibilities (brush, spigot, soaking) and filtration systems.
• BIO LIQUIDE : Aqueous and pH neutral solution, based on specific tensides, it is non toxic and not flammable. Solvent and safety-label free product.
• MICRO -ORGANISMS : Concentrate of 1st class microorganisms, which continuously clean the liquid by biodegrading the removed oils and greases.
They also reduce sludge and odors.
Download the SR500 Parts Wsher.pdf


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