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The AC790PRO is an air condition service unit, which is specifically designed to meet bus
and truck requirements and is focused on high-capacity, R134a-based air conditioners.
The unit automatically checks coolant recovery, recycling and refilling.
The powerful compressor provides reliable recovery and helps prevent ice formation in the filter drier.
Special software settings assure phased oil suction and effectively prevent foam formation and back flows of oil
into the compressor.
The double fan assures excellent temperature control and constant coolant pressure during the recovery phase.
At the same time it prevents the internal components from overheating.
The high performance filling pump allows the quick and complete filling of coolant and oil.
The unit has an integrated printer to create a detailed report and makes it possible to provide professional air
conditioner servicing for heavy commercial vehicles and busses.
Quick access or detail mode possible
Automated management of recovery and recycling
Manual or automated use
Multi-phase recycling
Programmable vacuum phase
Automated oil and coolant filling
Integrated, guided pressure and system test
Automated removal of non-condensable gasses
Programmable maintenance
Multi-lingual software
Intelligent filling quantity control
Integrated rinsing program
Data transfer with Smart Key

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