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AC 788PRO – The new standard
in air condition service

The world-market leader, SPX is offering the new AC788PRO air condition service unit to garages as a completely automated unit to perform simple and low-cost servicing of air conditioning systems in customer vehicles.
The unit, which has a TFT colour display making it now even easier to use, combines innovative technologies with the normal high quality and performance expected of Robinair units.
As the first air condition service unit under the Robinair brand offered by SPX, its development was carried out in complete and total compliance with the new and especially strict SAE J2788 standard, which pursues the goal of making air condition service even more efficient and thus limiting emissions of substances that pollute the environment.
The AC788PRO not only meets the strict requirements of the standard but with its 95 % efficiency in coolant recovery, it is even more precise than required.
An integrated printer and the standard temperature sensor in the unit make sure that the AC788PRO will provide extensive air condition servicing with exact documentation. In addition, a new system was developed to monitor the pressure and temperature of the internal coolant tank which recognises impurities and helps prevent safety risks.
As it has two separate fresh oil circuits, which separate lubricants for the air conditioning system in a vehicle with combustion engines and those in hybrid vehicles with electronic compressors, the
AC788PRO is designed for long-term use in garages. The automatic injection of a UV leak detector is just as much a part of the unit’s standard features as the detailed
Robinair data base with entries for oil and coolant filling quantities for numerous vehicle air condition systems. The AC788PRO now also has an ASA interface, which eases the exchange of data between various devices within a garage.
ASA interface for data exchange within the garage
Suitable for vehicles with combustion engines and hybrid vehicles.
Extensive diagnosis functions
Exceptional purity:
500 ppm HBR (oil)
150 ppm non-condensing gasses
50 ppm moisture

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