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RobinAir AC595 PRO


The AC595PRO is the most popular air conditioning service unit among European air conditioning specialists.
It offers all of the functions required for the professional maintenance of R-134a-based vehicle air conditioning systems.
The unit automatically carries out coolant recovery, recycling and refilling.
The powerful,two-phase vacuum pump assures the quick and effective evacuation of the system.
The integrated data base contains exact specifications of the required oil and coolant quantities for the air conditioner
in each vehicle and the printer can be used to create a detailed report.
Highlights :
Automated recovery and recycling
Manual and automated modes
Programmable vacuum phase
Automated re-filling
Guided system and pressure tests
Automated oil management with electronic scales
Automated UV leak detector injection
Automated ventilation
Programmable maintenance
Multi-lingual software
Intelligent filling quantity control
Integrated A/C system flushing program
Data transfer with electronic Smart Key

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