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The Best just got better….


Triple CPU High Performance Structure
Designed for fast boot-up and high performance by adopting 3 CPUs dedicated to computing, communication and measurement for each

7” TFT Sunlight Readable LCD
7” TFT high resolution 1024 X 600 LCD ensures striking readability with striking graphical display of diagnostic data and information.

Wireless Connectivity
GIT G-scan2 can access to the internet and utilize smart update*, quick feedback system, real-time PC interface, and direct printing**

16 GB SD Card memory
The most widely used storage solution is applied. 16 GB SD Card sufficiently accommodates entire software applications and data

Rechargeable Battery
2100mAh Li-ion battery supplies power to G-scan2 for more than an hour under full load condition without external source

Win CE 6.0 Operating System
Latest Windows CE 6.0 provides improved smart phone style user interface, better networking and enhanced system security at the same time

Solid and rigid design
Designed to be used in the tough workshop environment. Check out the 4-point fastening main DLC and the 13 tactile keys

24V Commercial Vehicles Support
Commercial vehicles diagnosis. G-scan2 unique specialty. Makes direct connection to the 24V system of buses and trucks

Diagnostic S/W Fully Compatible with G-scan
Sharing the same communication platform with G-scan, G-scan2 inherits G-scans outstanding diagnostic capability and performance

Zero Second Boot-up
For quick boot-up. G-scan2 supports Stand-by*** mode. Press the power button, and G-scan2 wakes up and gets ready for use instantly

*Smart updatehttp://contentcache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10×10.png
If access to internet through WiFi network is allowed, G-scan2 connects to the GIT server through the internet, monitors the availability of updates and downloadshttp://contentcache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10×10.png to keep its software up to date

** Direct printing
If the G-scan2 is connected to the same network with the PC where the PC Utility program is installed, G-scan2 can print the current screen display or saved screen captures through the PC network printer.

*** Stand-by mode
A short press of the power key while operating puts G-scan2 into the Stand-by mode hibernating with the minimum power consumption, and G-scan2 wakes up instantly by a short press of the power key or by touching the screen.

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